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How to plan your move to a new house

Are you in the process of moving to a new house? There could be many reasons that a person or a family needs to move house. A new job, a growing family or the need to move to a nicer area. Whatever it may be it involves packing your belongings and transporting all of the good so the new location.

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A move is something that you will know in advance, so you will have enough time to plan every little thing. Do not make the mistake of postponing things for later. If there is something small that you can finish today, do it, so you do not have to worry about it later.

Make a list of things

It is important that you write down every little detail. If you do not, you may miss something when it is closer to the actual moving date. If you have a list, you can cross items off as they get done,

Find a removals company

Contact Total Move – Removals Bournemouth to sort out your packing and hauling needs. You can ask them to come over and do an assessment of all the things in your home. If there are things that you would not need in the weeks going up to your moving date, you can ask them to pack them and store them in their warehouse. You will then have more space and fewer things to be done.

It is better to hire a mover than try to pack and move everything yourself. It is a time taking process, and you will also need a lot of muscle to get it done. When you hire a mover, they will have all the workforce and equipment necessary to pack and transport your items safely.

boxesContact utilities, banks, etc.

If you have your present address listed in important service providers, contact them and make sure they are aware of your new address. It is best to do this about a week before your move so that you do not miss out on any documents that might be posted to you.


Moving house is an emotional time for you and your family, It can also be very stressful, especially if you miss something in the all the excitement. The last thing you want is to move to your new home and realize you forgot to inform the cable company that you no longer require their services. You will have to pay the bills for a place where you no longer live. Be methodical, and you will have a stress-free move.