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How To Reduce Your Water Bills

The desire of man to save is exacerbated in times of crisis. During such time, people begin to count not only every hundred dollars but every penny. A significant gap in the budget, as you know, can be caused by the cost of utilities. And one of the most expensive utilities is water supply. Here are some useful pieces of advice on reducing water bills.

Examine condition of your pipes

sinkTo prevent leaking of water, and consequently, prevent leaking your money from your wallet, you need to check the serviceability of all pipes and faucets and see if there are any leaks.
You can certainly use the old method and put under each faucet or an empty pipe bowl. If after a few hours it will remain dry, then everything is alright. But there is a more modern method – to record readings of both counters, and then for two hours stop using water. If during this time the readings have changed, you must find the leak.

Moreover, the leak can be not only in pipes but also in a toilet. Check your toilet in the following way: edible dip paint in a toilet tank, if the tank is defective, painted water will seep into the toilet bowl.

By the way, the casual toilet tank holds about 2 gallons of water. Some experts believe that for the full flush 1,5 gallons of water is more than enough. It poured into the tank to lower the water flushing valve can be adjusted. To pour less water in the tank, you can adjust the flush valve.

Obtain new habits to save water

This is another way of reducing water bills. In some cases, we have to make an effort to overcome ourselves; otherwise, the economy will not be achieved. Although tips are very simple:

  • waterClose the tap when brushing your teeth or soaping – because, in fact, you only need water for rinsing. If the entire family follows this recommendation, more than two gallons of water per day will be saved.
  • Cut a bath reception to once per week – daily shower is much more economical.
  • Try to achieve a full load of washing machine and dishwasher.
  • It is not necessary to wash the dishes under the high pressure of water. You can fill your sink with water and then wash all the dishes with water you have.